…and we’re live! …almost…

“Hello, and thank you for downloading this episode of Design In Conversation. I’m Zak Graff, your host, welcoming you to our first episode….”

That’s how it’s supposed to start, anyway.

Download the demo mix!

But I’ve stumbled onto some technical difficulties. Maybe it’s a loose wire or a muted microphone, but it’s getting worked out. So, Episode 1 is not quite ready just yet. It needs that finishing touch, that final layer, that….je ne sais quoi.

The good news is we are live in iTunes! Find us in the Podcasts directory of the iTunes store by searching “Design In Conversation” and we should come right up. You can download or stream the demo mix, a short three-and-a-half minute excerpt from our first three episodes:

Episode 1. Tobi Fairley

Interior Designer Tobi Fairley

Interior Designer Tobi Fairley

Episode 2. Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield

Jaime & Ron

Jaime & Ron

Episode 3. Joshua Rose & Rafael Kalichstein of FORM

Rafi & Josh

Rafi & Josh

Download the demo mix!

We have new episodes coming and even more interviews scheduled with great designers. Subscribe in iTunes to get new episodes as soon as they are available. Tell us what you think and share about what you heard:

@DesignInConvo on twitter #DesignInConversation or #DinC


Please enjoy the demo, and I hope you’ll tune in again soon!


About designinconvo

Design In Conversation is an all new podcast and on-demand radio series focused on Interior Design. Follow us on twitter @DesignInConvo and Like us on facebook.com/DesignInConversation
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