An Open Letter to Design In Conversation Listeners

Hello dear Design In Conversation listeners, subscribers, and followers.

First of all thank you for your support of this podcast. Since our launch in November of 2013, over 20,000 of you have clicked, downloaded, subscribed and pressed play to at least one episode of Design In Conversation. Knowing that all of you (most of which I have never seen or met) have heard my voice is simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. Whether you’ve listened to just one, or tuned into every episode and shared them with your friends, colleagues and fellow design aficionados, your support is very much appreciated.

Our goal with this project has been to share an interesting point of view of the design community in general, but more importantly, to share the voice of designers, artists, makers and creative personalities, giving you access to the voices behind the designs you know and admire, plus introduce you to some in the design community you may not know just yet.

If you’ve been wondering where some of the episodes have gone [Where have you gone? Where is that episode with ___?? What the heck happened?!?!?] or why there has not been new content posted, we now get to the main reason for this letter to you, our listeners.

Without going into the nitty-gritty details (besides, they’re mostly boring and don’t make for a good tale), my original producer partner and I have parted ways. I am now producing the show myself with full ownership of the project. I have a bit of a (re-)learning curve ahead, taking on all the technical aspects of audio hardware and production elements. But I’m up to the task.

Now, the good news I get to share! All episodes (all 13) are again live and posted on our iTunes page, along with blog posts devoted to each episode right here at

Even more good news, new episodes are on the way soon! Notably, full broadcasts of LCDQ keynote presentations will be available for download. And we’ll be producing new content as well: conversations with a wide range of designers, design collaborators and good, interesting, creative people. These new episodes will be coming your way, about one each month.

Admittedly, the LCDQ audio is not as timely as when I had originally planned to broadcast. But considering the circumstances of the project at the time, I felt it best to hold the audio until I was confident it would be shared with you. I’m happy and proud I am now finally able to share these conversations and panels with you.

All this is to say, again, that we appreciate you listening. We appreciate your support and relish your comments on our work. We are asking you for another chance to share our stories with you.

So please go ahead, subscribe, download, listen and share as you like. You can still find us in all the normal places, facebook, twitter, iTunes, SoundCloud and Pinterest. And remember to keep Design In Conversation.

Yours most sincerely,




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Design In Conversation is an all new podcast and on-demand radio series focused on Interior Design. Follow us on twitter @DesignInConvo and Like us on
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